Convert an enum to a List

Sometimes you need a function to convert a enum to a string array.

There is already a class (Enum) which helps us to do so

string[] abc = Enum.GetNames(...);
  1. Hi there

    Do not expose generic list class to public APIs, see:

    You don`t know the Enum class in the FCL?
    There are several methods like Enum.GetValues(), Enum.GetNames and Enum.Parse().

    Look out 🙂

    Bye, Peter

      • michlG
      • August 27th, 2009

      Hello Peter,

      thank you for your reply. I have not seen this before so I used this self made method 🙂
      But you are right because it is much better to use the methods of the Enum class.

      I will modify my post and show the solution like it should be 🙂

      Thank you
      Bye, Michael

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