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My conclusion about Visual Studio 2010 PRO BETA 2

Hey guys,

I am working since a few days with the beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 professional (on Windows 7 PRO x64).
And I am really happy with it.

It is stable and fast. In my opinion faster then VS 2008

The fact that you can not deactivate AntiAliasing is not a problem. Other said that especially small fonts are blurry but I can read everything without problems. But there is an extension in the Extension Manager which allows you to deactivate anti aliasing. The name of this extension is “Text Sharp”.
Here is the link to it: Click me!

Moreover it is now in the dark style (similar to Expression Blend) but the main functions are in the same place as in VS 2008.

More information about the product you can find here

In my opinion it is a good decision to change to VS 2010 as soon as it is released.