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vmware-authd.exe has a high CPU load… How to fix it?

In the last days I had performance problems with my notebook.
When working with Visual Studio it was very slow and sometimes it was freezing for a while.

After a look in the TaskManager I have seen that the process vmware-authd.exe is using 50% (100% of one core) of the CPU (every 4 or 5 seconds).
First I was confused because I was not running my Virtual Machines so this seems to be a bug.

After using the Process Monitor I have seen that it is looking for this registry key

After asking Bing i found a few useful threads online where people had the same problem.
Well the solution for the problem is to add the registry key as a DWord and set it to 1

Before I had a CPU usage of 50% every 4-5 Seconds. Now it is never more than 1% 🙂

It hope that the guys from the VMWare team will fix this until the next release