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Windows 7 Update – List not showing Updates but it displays “1 important update”

Today I had a strange problem with windows seven.
It informed me that there are new updates available. So I wanted to check what it is.
But it shows only “1 important update” if you click on show updates it displays at the left side (1 important update) but the list is empty.

So I clicked nevertheless on the install button and it installed something.

I don’t know what but it installed the invisible update successfully

Windows 7 Update - List not displaying update


Firefox – Memory Leak – How to solve the problem?

Perhaps you already have the problem that the firefox needs to much RAM.
Sometimes it can grow up to 800 MB and more. The reason for this problem could be one of the addins or even the system which caches internet sites in order to load them faster.
And because of that it could happen that firefox slows down the whole system.

But with this workaround you can solve the problem

  1. Enter about:config in your address bar
  2. Perform a right click in the textwindow and select New >> Boolean
  3. Enter config.trim_on_minimize in the textbox
  4. In the following dialog select true
  5. Now you should see a new entry with the name config.trim_on_minimize
  6. Restart Firefox

When you minimize Firefox you can see in the Taskmanager how it trims the memory