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Windows 7 Update – List not showing Updates but it displays “1 important update”

Today I had a strange problem with windows seven.
It informed me that there are new updates available. So I wanted to check what it is.
But it shows only “1 important update” if you click on show updates it displays at the left side (1 important update) but the list is empty.

So I clicked nevertheless on the install button and it installed something.

I don’t know what but it installed the invisible update successfully

Windows 7 Update - List not displaying update


Install a languagepack in windows 7 professional or home

In Windows Vista and 7 only the Ultimate and Enterprise versions have the feature which allows you to install a languagepack.
But in the other versions you can do the same thing using the console and regedit.

In order to install a new language (in this example de-DE and the languagepack is located in G:\langpacks\de-de\ you have to do the following steps

  1. Download the language pack in the language you want to install
  2. Make sure that there is an file inside the folder of the language pack
  3. Open the Console (CMD) with administrator rights (Run as administrator)
  4. Type the following commands (note that you have to set the correct path of your language pack)
    dism /online /add-package /packagepath:G:\langpacks\de-de\
    bcdedit /set {current} locale de-DE
    bcdboot %WinDir% /l de-DE
  5. Remove the registry folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MUI\UILanguages\en-US (remove all folders except the one with signature of you language pack)
  6. Reboot your computer

Now you should see the system in the language you installed.

Windows se7en on a old (slow) notebook

Today I installed Windows seven on a old notebook with the following hardware
Processor: AMD Sempron 3000+ (1,81 GHz)
Ram: 512 MB (only 382 can be used)
Architecture: x86 (32 Bit)
Harddisk: 17,8 GB (11GB free after installation) => Yes it need only 6-7 GB
Grahics Card: ATI Radeon Xpress Series

Well the installation took about 30 Minutes and after that it detected automatically the drivers and downloaded them (if necessary) from the internet.
The system is very fast and stable even if it runs on this (old) machine. If you try to install and run Vista on such a notebook you will have problems 🙂

Aero does not work but this is not such a problem.

I am surprised that it works so good. You have done a good job Microsoft! 🙂

Conclusion: It runs also on older pcs and not so powerful netbooks 🙂

My conclusion about windows 7 final (compared with RC)

Well as you already know I installed the final version (MSDN) of windows 7 two days ago and faced a few problems.
First of all there was this funny problem with the missing driver during the installation.

Well I try to summarize the good and bad news compared with the RC
Good News

  1. It is a little bit faster than the Release Candidate
  2. Windows Media Player and Explorer are more stable and faster
  3. Easy install of the language pack
  4. Up to now I do not have the problem with unvisible windows (in the RC Version I had the strange problem that a window was no longer visible in the taskbar and ALT+TAB but after a while it came back)
  5. In the Release Candidate I had also problems with memory leaks (especially Firefox) up to now I don’t have this problem
  6. Generally the system seems to be very stable and fast

Bad News

  1. The driver detection of the Release Candidate was much better (It found and downloaded every driver for my notebook but the final version did not. I had to do it manually.)
  2. Sometimes the popup-preview of the taskbar does not show the image of the window (it just shows an icon)

I will update this list as soon as I have new good or bad news for the RTM.
But generally I can say that it is a very good operating system and that it is much better (faster) then vista

The new Windows 7 Background

Windows 7 RTM x64 – Missing driver of CD / DVD drive during installation

Yesterday I downloaded Windows 7 x64 from MSDN and burned the image on a rewritable disk.
Soon after the welcome screen of the setup it displayed me that the driver of the CD / DVD drive is missing.
First I was wondering how it is possible that I boot from DVD and it can read the DVD but then it displays a message that the driver is missing. It is a little bit strange.

So I tried it once again with the same result.

If solved this problem by installing Window 7 from my USB-Drive.
In order to do so you have to do the following steps:

  1. Open the command line (CMD) width administrator rights
  2. type Diskpart and press enter
  3. type List Disk and press enter
  4. type Select Disk ZZ (Replace ZZ with the number which represents your USB Drive) and press enter
  5. type clean and press enter
  6. type create partition primary and press enter
  7. type active and press enter
  8. type format fs=fat32 quick and press enter
  9. type assign and press enter
  10. Just copy all files of your disk to your usb drive
  11. Restart and boot from USB

Now you should be able to install it without problems

Windows 7 Final is available for MSConnect, TechNet and MSDN subsribers

Windows 7 Final is available for MSConnect, TechNet and MSDN subscribers

Note that Windows 7 is only available in English.
The localized versions will follow on the first of October.

Here you see the the dates when it will be released for everybody

  • 08/06/2009 MSConnect, TechNet and MSDN
  • 08/07/2009 Software Assourance Clients
  • 08/16/2009 MS Gold Partner
  • 08/23/2009 Action Pack owners
  • 10/22/2009 The rest of the world